Scrindesign 2: Now in Indesign!

icon2 copyScrivener is an AWESOME writing program. But it is not a layout engine. (nor does it play particularly nicely with them) Indesign is an AWESOME layout program. Unfortunately, Scrivener doesn’t play nice.

Download from Bitbucket

That’s why I took the time to create Scrindesign 2, a tool to make them happy friends of awesomeness. It’s even better than my first attempt, because it sits right inside Indesign and doesn’t have ANY intermediate steps. All you do is Compile your Scrivener, Install Scrindesign and run it and it salvages the formatting nightmare for you!

I’ve posted a couple of videos below to show you how easy it really is.

Simple Headings

Like the Standard Novel Format

Format as: Standard Manuscript Format

Compile For: Word Document


Hierarchical Headings

Like a textbook, rpg book or so on.

Format as: Standard Manuscript Format (with Parts)

Compile For: Word Document




As I’ve said a few times in the readme and the script, thanks go out to:

dispersion design
indesign secrets
Peter Kahrel


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